​Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Hilton pedal would be best for me?
Answer: The Standard and Low Profile pedals were designed for players who play sitting down. The Pro Guitar pedal was designed for players that stand up.

Question: Can I use my pedal board power supply?
Answer: The Pro Guitar pedal comes with a 9 volt power supply, but was designed to be used with any pedal board power supply.  It is recommended people using the Standard pedal, and Low Profile pedal, use the 24 volt power supply that comes with these pedals.

Question: If something happens to my pedal, do you repair pedals?
Answer: “Yes”.

Question: Will the Hilton pedal work with my guitar that has an active pickup?
Answer: The Hilton pedal will work with either active or passive pickups equally well.

Question: I live in a country that has 220 volt wall plugs, at 50 hertz. Will the power supply that comes with the Hilton pedal work in my country?
Answer: Yes, the Hilton pedal will work with voltages from 100VAC to 240VAC, with 50 or 60 hertz.  You will be able to plug the power supply directly into the wall in your country.

Question: Where on my pedal board,  or on the effects loop of my amplifier,  do I insert the Hilton pedal?  
Answer: The Hilton pedal will work anywhere on your pedal board,  or anywhere in your effects loop equally well.

Question: I like my tone/sound, will the Hilton pedal color my tone/sound? 
Answer: The Hilton pedal was designed to be transparent. The Hilton pedal has a pre-amp, which is responsible for preserving pickup frequency response at any volume. Other volume pedals  have no pre-amp,  and are tone suckers. With the Hilton pedal, an expanded frequency range is a good thing.

Question: If I have a problem, can I contact the factory for help?
Answer: Absolutely, we take pride in customer service. In many cases you may get help from the “MAN” himself, the guy who invented the pedal—Keith Hilton